What is an Espresso?

An espresso (30ml) is a concentrated shot of coffee with a thick head known as a crema. It is made by pumping hot water through coffee with a high-pressure pump in order to extract a full, rich fresh flavour. A lungo is a variation on an espresso, made with twice (60ml) as much water in order to soften the strength of the coffee.

Are your capsules Biodegradable?

Reserve Premium Coffee is proud to be an environmentally-conscious brand, and as such, all our coffee capsules are manufactured from COMPOUND BIO+ MASTERBATCH and are in lines with the:

- Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006

- EU Regulation Nr. 1935/04, article 3, article 11, paragraph 5, article 15 and article 17

- EU Regulation Nr. 10/11 and further amendments.

This means that our capsules are fully Biodegradable and will compost within 90 days.

Will they damaged my machine?

Reserve Premium Coffee have a one of a kind capsule design, where the capsules actually doesn't get penetrated by the machine but rather the machine needles touch the back of the capsules and the capsule collapses from the back.